Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been a long while since I was here last. I've ended my infatuation with MySpace. Like all infatuations, it became boring. It lasted quite a long time. Four years! But I'm finished with it officially. I've now become a fan of Facebook and Twitter. Well, I'd not call me a FAN of Twitter, but I'm messing with it for now. Maybe I'll learn to like it.

My newest favorite author these days is George Ella Lyon. She's a Kentucky native and she has a wonderful voice and presence. She recently visited my LIS 510 class at the University of Kentucky and she was wonderful. She inspired me...although recently I've not made much time to write. Not sure why, but it just hasn't happened. I thought getting this laptop would help with that, but it hasn't. I'm not good at ignoring the distractions that are the WWW. hmmm.....

I graduate in about one month and I absolutely cannot wait! I'm so very ready to say goodbye to student life and start my career. I'm truly looking forward to it. My husband is probably looking forward to the extra financial assstance as well. ;)