Sunday, June 13, 2010

A great day on the river

I am utterly and completely exhausted! Scott and I went kayaking again today and the water was up higher than last time...well, I was being silly and spent much of my time spinning the kayak around and around in the river. It was great fun, but requires a lot of energy. I also thought it would be funny, since the water was cruising us right along, with very little help from paddling, to paddle with my arms, so I did this or several actually worked too! lol However, it was exhausting! Ha!

So anyway, I'm TIRED! It was great fun though.

Tomorrow I will begin summer school at my new school. I'm terribly nervous, so it's probably good that I'm so utterly exhausted...maybe I won't toss and turn tonight.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

There is nothing like sitting on the deck in the heat & humidity. Truly, I love it. I know it's nuts, but i love it. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I think blogging on the go will be super fun...especially while on vacation & such! If you've not signed up yet you should! :)
Testing 123 testing...


It's only 1:42 in the afternoon and I really want a glass of red wine. Is that bad? I going to indulge myself? Probably. I mean, it's the weekend for me and this is my only week off before summer school, which starts Monday and I'll be doing that through July 9th. I think a little glass of red wine sounds divine.

*pours self a glass of red wine*

I know this is going to sounds really strange, but I'm wearing my bikini. Does anyone else do this? Run around the house in your bikini just for the hell of it? I do. I don't know why, but in summer I literally live in mine and this one is's a cute new Roxy that's charcoal gray with bright green tie-dye. I love it. You know, that's one thing I am sooooooo very thankful for with having kicked my ED away. I actually love buying and wearing bikinis nowadays. I'm not going to say I don't feel insecure sometimes...I do. I think everyone does, unless they look like Heidi Klum, but we all know she's a digital creation.....right? ;-) I mean, how on earth does that woman have children and then walk the runway in two months?! Wow. So anyway, back to me....far less interesting and certainly less toned and, shall we say, endowed??? hehe.

I've been planning for summer school via email with the teacher I'll be co-teaching with. She's fabulous and while I though it was going to be difficult to plan without meeting in person, it's actually been really great! It helps that we both have the same basic ideas for teaching the class, so that means all we have to do is gather the materials to enhance learning. We're reading a book entitled Night John by Paulsen. It's a great little short book with a powerful message. I also bought the movie and Shakira (the Social Studies teacher) found primary sources online so the kids can do an activity with that and the sources go so perfectly with the book! I also have some primary sources and we'll use those as well. We're going to teach about the Underground Railroad throughout the class and the dean of students said we will have a period actor come who is playing a slave who belonged to Lincoln...she said, "I've tried to contact Lincoln, but he has not returned the call." (hahaha!) We are also taking the kids on a field trip using charter buses...can you believe this???? For summer school!! I'm totally blown away, because my last school had so little by way of funds that we could barely muster two field trips and they couldn't afford summer school. It's sad for them, really...but I'm so happy to be in a school with some funds! :)

Other than summer school planning, I've spent most of my free time either on the river kayaking or rolling around in my inline skates. It's been great fun. My plan for the summer after summer school is to be on the river as much as possible. I love it. I dare say I love it more than the ocean....which surprises me. I do though. There is something special about paddling a river. You see things you wouldn't see otherwise. The world slows become more alive than you knew you could be. I truly love it and wish I could spend days at a time out there. I want to visit other rivers though. I want to get on some whitewater this year...I'd like to get the boys out in a big family raft so they can have a safe first experience, where I won't have to worry about them. I think I'll take them out on the Big South Fork for their first time out solo...because it's like a class 3 (with only occasional) 4 rapids and that's only at certain times of the year. Not bad for learning. They are should see them in a kayak!!! I was blown away & so proud of them. :)

So anyway, the summer is going to be great. I'm truly looking forward to it.