Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I just applied for a scholarship to the IRA Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. I received the kindest letter of recommendation from the Administrative Dean of Students at my school. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea anyone even paid attention to what I'm doing/trying to do each day.

Some days it's really hard to get up and go into work, but I cannot give up. I cannot give up on my students or myself. I want to give it one more year, even though my husband says, "I really wish you wouldn't. I don't want you to go through this again next year." He NEVER gives his opinion on my decisions. He generally just supports me. I guess he's seen me close myself in the closet to cry too many times this year.

I'm reading the book The Bee Eater about Michelle Rhee, former superintendent of D.C. public schools. It's nice to read about someone who went though similar things I find myself going through this year. She, she thrived. I want to end this year on a positive note. I want my students to do well and feel that they can accomplish any task they come up against.

It's been a tough year and it's been a LONG year. I've prayed for snow days more times than I care to admit. I've taken sick days as mental health days just to recharge my batteries. I've wished I never left my previous school....all these things at least once a month every month. It's been a rough experience, but I'm beginning to think it's been a rewarding experience as well, and that is why I want to return next year.

I do plan to lessen my load next year though. I'm not teaching an extra class. This will mean my pay will be reduced by 7 grand (YIKES), but I feel my mental well-being and my free time at home is worth the loss of pay. Right now I feel stressed constantly because I end up with 1 or 2 planning periods PER WEEK, because of meetings. I end up working until 9pm at least three nights a week and then I work on weekends to plan for the next week.

This leads my thoughts to something I heard this morning:

Rand on GMA he said that "teachers are paid quite well and they should not be striking. They should be at work teaching our children." HIS kids? Are his kids in the public schools? Also, does he realize that the majority of teachers in the state of KY (his state), if they are single parents, or the breadwinners of their families, they qualify for free/reduced lunch?! That is hardly what I consider "paid well." Also, he and others think teachers work only 9 months of the year, but this is not true. I will be working all summer to plan for next year and get my room ready. During the school year I work at least three 13 hour days, plus a day on the weekends. Let's say 5 hours on the weekend. That totals 60 hours a week on a regular basis.

I'm not trying to whine...I'm just sick of that idiot politician. He makes me ashamed to say I'm from Kentucky. I can't believe he was voted into office. Grumble.
I certainly didn't vote for him.

Did you know he also said that food stamps should be cut? WTF is wrong with this guy? He doesn't care about poor people....he is like Bush Jr. Bush doesn't care about poor people either.

Sad that such a fool has a voice in our government.

Okay, enough of that rant! Wow.