Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lowdown


The update on my life:

1. Getting divorced.
2. Got an apartment in a place called Raintree Apartments.
3. Apartment flooded during a torrential downpour and carpets were soggy wet.
4. Got another unit in the same place.
5. THAT apartment flooded even worse than the first one.
6. Found out in second unit, a man died there and laid there for 42 days before they knew he died.
7. Understood why the Ozone machine had been running for so long.
8. Decided to leave Raintree and they agreed to return my deposit and rent checks.
9. Got a NICE place at another apartment complex...a luxury apartment complex.
10. Raintree fucked up and deposited my rent check.
11. Account overdrawn because of extra 600 bucks being taken out without my knowledge.
12. Bank sent letter to Raintree to make them pay for the overdraft fees.
13. Called car dealership and have been approved to lease a car and trade in my Camry (even though I LOVE it). 200 a month beats 400.
14. Met someone who is sweet, caring, fun as hell, doesn't live to work, and makes me laugh. Will it go anywhere? I have no idea and don't care. I'm having fun for the first time in over a decade.