Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it really necessary to be careful what I say?

Thinking perhaps I need to watch the things I say around others. About a week ago my husband and I were at a graduation party for our friend, Julia, who earned her doctorate in some sort of genetics-based mathematics and she was also offered (and accepted) a job with the National Science Foundation as a full-time researcher for something to do with cancer and strange that I know someone THAT intelligent!

ANYWHO, while we were there, a drunk professor of mathematics was talking and singing with a 10 year old little girl who attends the School for the Creative and Performing Arts and I was listening to their conversation as I sipped my red wine beneath the canopy of a lovely Redbud tree. Well, I looked to the little girls' dad and said, "She's such an old soul." I really meant it and I still do. She is so intelligent and so beyond her years. It was wonderful to sit and chat with her...I wonder, however how she is able to get along with other 10-year old children.

Anyway, her dad replied, "Well we are very spiritual." A few moments later he was discussing their religion and I realized I need to be more conscious of what I'm saying so I don't offend anyone.

Then again, do I? Is it necessary to always consider what others feel is appropriate before I say or do something? You know, my ideas and beliefs are not typical of those around me. Even to my own husband my ideas lean to the ridiculous. To me, however they are very real and mean a lot to me. I can't help that I don't believe this is our only life to live. I can't help it that I see divinity in all things around me. I just do. I can't help that I believed that little girl is an old soul. How many 10-year olds can have a rather in-depth conversation with a math professor? Sure he was drunk, but still! I don't know many children who can do that.

She was also a writer...and the way she talks with me about developing her characters was very mature. I was impressed with her and it was a joy to me that she was eager to hear my suggestions and encouragement. I guess I am a teacher at all times, much like I am a parent at all times.

I'm still not sure if it's necessary to be careful of talking about my personal beliefs to others...the only reason I feel I should be careful is I don't want to be discredited because of my ideas. So many people in my area are Christians...and judgmental ones to boot and I know they would laugh at me and immediately discredit anything else I say. That bothers me when it really shouldn't. The funny part is that my ideas are not that much different than theirs. I believe in unconditional love and forgiveness. I believe in god, only I also believe in goddess. I believe in doing onto others as I'd have them do to me. I believe in taking care of the Earth and everyone around me that I'm able to help in any way. I believe there is life after death, only I believe we come back to Earth to live again.

My ideas are not so different.
I just know that I'd be treated like and outcast and I really don't want to be. I want to be accepted for who I am, NOT for what I believe or don't believe.

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