Monday, April 6, 2009

Caleb's Birthday...the big 14!

It's a cold and rainy,snowy, haily, sleety day here in Central Kentucky. Wow. Crazy, but it's a tradition...every year for Caleb's birthday, we get rain and snow mix. Ugh.

Oh well.

Caleb had a nice birthday, but he has a headache and his belly is hurting, so he went to bed early. I hope he feels better tomorrow. My husband is going to the doctor tomorrow, so if Caleb's still not feeling better, they can go together.

I have an interview tomorrow morning with a school in a county nearby. I'm excited and nervous. My portfolio is together and I actually feel sort of proud of know. I worked really hard on it and it's sort of nice to see everything together in one binder. Wow. I think I'll be happy to show it off tomorrow.

Must go to bed....need good nights rest.

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