Friday, April 3, 2009


So it's raining and the wind is blowing like mad outside, so I'm sort of hibernating today. I've accomplished a lot of work today though, so that's a positive spin on an otherwise uneventful day. I'm currently working on lessons for a poetry unit based on Harlem Renaissance poems. It's nearly completed.

My gardens are coming to life...the hostas are poking through the soil (actually up about 2 inches so far). My other plants are doing well also, including the lemon balm, mint, coneflowers, irises (which I can't wait to see!!) and my toad lily is looking great also. :) I still feel somewhat dissatisfied with it. It seems misshapen or something. Then again, the garden really is basically in it's first year, so I need to chill and enjoy watching it mature.

I feel rather under the weather today...slow and lethargic. My head hurts and my body just feels heavy and worn out. Ugh. Maybe it's the weather...but I don't know.

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