Saturday, August 16, 2008


I never thought I'd find a spiritual path that would make me genuinely happy. I've always held doubts about religion and still do. I think religion is simply a social network with the main goal of making money. Spirituality is a different story. I have a lot of respect for spirituality.

I believe I am a spiritual person, but not really a religious person. I have begun to and feel most comfortable believing in both a god and goddess...because in all mammals and many, many other animals, both male and female are required. Why would it be any different with humans...why should the male take precedence over the female? I do not like that. That is the main reason I denounced Christianity...I got tired of hearing how "evil" females are. It's just not right.....I think it was a fabrication created during King James' reign, when women were considered less than men and women were generally considered hysterical and insane or evil. Women were taught that they were inherently evil and basically worthless...they were taught that their yearnings were evil. It was all wrong.

Women are not evil. Women are not inferior to men. It's time for women to take their rightful position in this world. Empower yourself. Embrace your womanhood. Do not buy into the lies we have been fed for centuries and continue to be fed through the media.

Be who you matter what that is.
Today I have blemishes on my face...most likely from stress. Maybe from PMS...whatever. All day I worried about them adn worry only makes it worse. You know what, it doesn't matter if I have blemishes! Who cares?! Yeah, maybe I'll be uncomfortable for a while, but they'll pass and life will go on. Tomorrow I'm not going to hide behind my hair....or makeup. I'm going to just be me. Natural. Pure. Beautiful. Woman.

All women are beautiful to me. All shapes, all sizes, all colors, all heights, ALL women are beautiful. My wish tonight is that women will realize their beauty and stop trying to live up to what someone else thinks is beautiful. You know, there are so many young girls out there who are killing themselves to look the way they think others want them to look. It's terribly sad. It's so sad that they are being taught that their natural selves.......natural selves....are not enough. The goddess doesn't make bad things. She doesn't make ugly things.....from her comes only beauty and all women embody her. That is my opinion. If you believe in god, then the same thing goes for him. He does not make ugly things....all things are beautiful because they are from him. They embody him.

I still sometimes struggle with this and I believe it's because I've basically been brainwashed by the media, my mother and most of the other women I've known. All my life, I've heard women obsess about their bodies, whether their skin, their weight, their height, their shoe size....etc. All in a negative way that I believe that to be The Way. The thing is, they were brainwashed by the media too.

Maybe loving oneself as is just isn't glamorous enough....people always want to be "better." People are never quite happy enough with what they have....they always want what someone else has.

But the truth is something I used to say as a teenager and I think they are wise words.......

"Happiness is not in what you can acquire, but in what you already possess."

So, that said, here are a few words to me and all the wonderful women I know:





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Angel said...

I had to read this post a second time because it is so wonderful! Everything that you say here is the truth. I know that I have been brainwashed to believe that if I'm not a certain weight, or pretty enough, than I am somehow of less worth. I don't believe others have to be perfect, but for some reason, I believe that I have to be, and that is why I always find failure and fault within myself. I want so much to find what you already have. It helped me to read this, though. Thank you!

Much love,