Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm really tired tonight, but I feel restless, so this may be a long night of insomnia for me. I hope not. Maybe I'll make some chamomile tea to help me sleep. It always works. :)

I've had another busy day....working on the quilt and I also made another purse, bought materials for shipping lip balm (the right way, not just the envelope like I did for the freebies...sorry for that ladies). I got cute boxes and stuff. I liked the final product. How exciting to make a sale...thanks Angie! She said you sent her and that makes me really happy. That's how I want it to a grassroots thing.

So, my house is a mess, but I really don't care. Well, I do, but not enough to do anything about it yet. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I may clean then, but then again I may just sew....Saturday we're going hiking...I can't wait! Colorado definitely inspired Scott and I to get out and enjoy Kentucky's mountains instead of taking them for granted. It'll be a fun day.

Maybe I'll clean on Sunday???? lol

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Angel said...

Hope you enjoy your day of hiking:)