Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baking Fiasco

So since being married, I've become even more domestically challenged. While I am able to clean house and do laundry, my abilities for other things beneath our roof are in constant decline.

Take today.

I used to be really good at baking & decorating cakes, even to the point that people asked me to do cakes for them. Today was the first day I've baked in probably a year and it's a monstrosity. Of course it could be that I baked it in a bikini (I was previously getting a little sun on the deck) while listening to Type O Negative.

I also went out on a limb and bought the whipped icing, which was a huge mistake. That shit sucks. It is way too light and therefore hard to spread because it doesn't stick well. *Grrrrr* So anyway, the freaking cake is chock full of crumbs, which I tried to hide with rainbow sprinkles (not very successfully, I might add). I edged it in blue, but the flipping whipped icing even caused THAT to fall.

So, to at least make it look a little better, the falling icing zone is now the back of the cake. At least it won't be visible in birthday pictures.

I think my cake-baking days are over...either that or I need to get out of my stupid ED head and bake more cakes so I have more practice...not sure that will happen anytime soon; at least not as long as I have the desire to wear a bikini.

I am certainly no domestic goddess & honestly, it's not a goal I have. I just wanted to bake a freaking cute birthday cake for my child; that's all. :( Bummer.

I blame these guys for the following....

The cake, of which I spoke, with...

the falling icing zone.

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