Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here's something true and rather embarrassing about me...I am only sharing it as a way to make you laugh.

I bought a new journal today at Barnes and Noble (love that store, by the way). So anyway, when I shop for a journal, it's very systematic. I feel each one (must be leather bound...or at least that is my thought initially), close my eyes and try to absorb the energy of the journal...and I think to myself (literally), "which one will inspire my masterpiece?"

Ridiculous, I know...and the fact that I'm sharing this proves that I no longer have a filter and that I really no longer care what others think.

Anyway, I ended up choosing, not a leather one as I usually do, but a nice handmade fabric-bound one with a cool dial design and embroidery. I love it and whether or not it will inspire my masterpiece is irrelevant....it will certainly inspire me to write. Period. And that's what matters.

Here is a couple of pics:

I love that the pages have no lines...this will inspire me to sketch, which I love doing. :)

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