Saturday, July 19, 2008

Babbling Brook

One of Kentucky's natural wonders.
Natural Bridge

Yesterday was awesome. I took my kids to their friends' house for the night and I visited my friend's fabric store. I bought new fabric and notions and we chatted for at least an hour. We may be going to a dyeing class together in August, which would be so much fun. I may also be attending her natural dyeing class in September. I think I'll do that no matter what, because she's awesome and I'm sure the class will be fun.

While I was there I saw an old friend, Alson Cole. He told a funny story about and owl being in the cabin he's housesitting! It was funny and Alson has a great way of using his hands when he tells a story that makes it all the more interesting and hilarious. It was great to see him. Anyway, he was there because he is learning to make a quilt. It's his first one.

It was just a really cool moment. I was in a small room, surrounded by fabric and old friends from high school and we all had one thing in common...quilting. I loved it. I think that is one of my favorite moments of the summer.

Heather is such a dear friend of mine. I adore her. I wish we could hang out, but she is married to Ben, who is my ex-boyfriend and Scott says he's not comfortable hanging out with him. All I keep thinking is....who cares if he and I dated?? I love his wife! :) She and I were in band together and we have SO much in common. I adore her. So I guess if we hang out it'll only be me and her or me and them and not at my house unless it's just Heather.....weird, unnecessary limitations. I don't like that. however, I love and respect my husband and his feelings.

So anyway, after that I went to a little store called the Farmer's Mill, which sells Amish goods and they also have an Amish deli. I got handmade soaps, some apple butter, herbs and other things I really didn't NEED, but thought I'd get them anyway while I was there. It was cool. I love that there's a store like that there now.

On my way home I stopped at Barnes and Noble to buy a new journal and I grabbed a few books as well. One is called Fires in the Middle School's advice for teachers from middle school students. I also got Sweeny Todd, because I wanted to see if the original musical is as bloody as the movie.

It was just my kind of day, you know? I chilled and did some things I've not gotten to do in a while. Today is going to be another great day because we're going to see Scott's Gramma and Grandad. We'll eat old country ham and have a nice chat. They are two of my favorite people in the world, so it's always great to see them. We've not been there in a while. I went yesterday, but Gramma wasn't there and I don't think Grandad knew who I was. He's about 90 ears old and he's losing his memory...not Alzheimers or anything, just getting old.

Wow, so this is what happens when my husband has a day off and I have coffee at my desk! I babble!!! :)


Angel said...

Wow. Sounds like a lovely day, and you never know...Scott may change his mind about your old boyfriend. I hope so:)

Love and hugs,

Sunny said...

Maybe, but it not at least I can visit them on occasion. :)