Sunday, July 27, 2008


My sister and I.

Scott's sister and brother. She's the one who is expecting.

A swallowtail has been enhoying the zinnias and coneflowers for the last half hour by my deck. Having butterflies in my yard is such a wonderful thing. I love it.

I've been working on the quilt for my soon-to-be-niece. It's going slower than I thought, but I've been busy with other things as well, so it's hard to concentrate on it. Now that the bathroom is finished, I can focus on it more. I'm nearly finished appliquing the second turtle, so that's a good thing. I might only do 2 turtles so I can be sure it'll be finished when the baby comes. I'm so excited!! I'll get to see Holly this week in Colorado when Kelly and Cara get married. I'm sure she's adorable with her baby bump!!! She is a darling girl. I love her dearly. She smiles all the time and she is always kind and generous.

My sister is having trouble now. She has to have a colonoscopy to see if she has either colon cancer or Chrones Disease.....if neither of those, then she has IBS. The scary part is she's been having trouble for about 5 years, so whatever it is could be very advanced. I'm trying to think on the positive side, but it's hard when facing something so scary and potentially life threatening. I even said the most cliche thing to my sister because I had no idea what else to say...I told her to try not to worry about it until she knows what's going on. Of course that's not possible. I'm scared. I'm mostly scared because I have a really bad feeling and have for several months. I told her the day she and my mom went out to promise to go to the doctor as soon as possible. I just have a bad feeling and I can't shake it. I hope my intuition is wrong this time. I really and truly do. She's so young.....she doesn't deserve this.

In the meantime, I keep sending her good thoughts and I just ask for healing. I love her so much.


Angel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I know how afraid that you must be. No wonder you are out of sorts. I will keep both you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.
Sending much love, and big hugs

Sunny said...

Thanks so much, Angie.