Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pretty coneflowers by the deck.

My backyard.

One of my planters.

The sun catcher I bought at the art fair in Berea.

It's been a great day. I worked and then came home for lunch..they boys and I ate at Bob Evans. Then, we bought impatiens for the front walk (something I've needed to do for a while!) and worked in the garden for a few hours. It was fun. At least it was fun for me. I think after the first hour the kids were not having any more of that! :) Oh well, at least they helped me. I certainly enjoyed it.

So anyway, that's how my day has gone...oh, the birds were crazy today! It was great fun sitting on the deck watching them. I saw many yellow finches and cardinals. The cardinals were feeding babies that were as big as the parents! :) It was nice and relaxing.
Full moon is tomorrow.
Love and peace

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Angel said...

Your flowers and backyard are beautiful! I'm glad that you've had a good day:)

Much love,