Monday, July 7, 2008

The Primrose Path

Me and my boys at Myrtle Beach. Fun times.

Shasta Daisy from my garden.

We got the new stove and refridgerator today! :) Yay. They look great. We now need to have our dishwasher delivered tomorrow and get a new hood for the stove and we're finished. The kitchen looks so nice! Scott and I worked hard all weekend getting the cabinets all shiny and adding new hardware to them. It was fun. We had beer and worked. Fun, fun.

In addition, I'm taking a new spiritual path....well, not so new to me, but in the past I'd only dabbled in it. These days I'm taking it very seriously and enjoying learning the history and all the aspects of it. I think I'm happier than I've ever been because I'm taking control of my life and no longer care so much what other people think about me. :) Yay. It's very liberating and empowering.


Angel said...

New appliances. Yay! I just got a new dishwasher:)

I'm so excited to hear how happy you are. Your journey is an inspiration!

Love you<3

Sunny said...

Hey there....

My journey is only possible with great friends like you, Angie. Truly.

I LOVE the new appliances!!! We got our diswasher yesterday, so now everything matches. :) Three less things to worry about later. ;)