Sunday, July 27, 2008


As the moon wanes, I feel my energy wane as well. I guess the moon serves as a lesson for me. There is a time to be energetic and a time to turn inward and be quiet. I am in the quiet, introverted stage. The difficult part about it is I have the trip coming up and there will be lots of excitement and socializing. I know I will enjoy it and I'm excited to see everyone. I also know that I'll likely feel extra worn out when I get home, because situations, whether positive or negative have an effect.

To help with this, I'm going to try to relax as much as possible for the next two days. I have to work, but only for three hours each day, so I can relax when I get home. I think a bit of exercise will do me good too. I've been rather lethargic the last week or so, so maybe a walk or a light jog will help boost my energy level.

I'm wide awake tonight...too much coffee this afternoon, so it'll likely be a long night for me. It's okay though. I'll make it. I always do. :)

I just feel strange.
I don't necessarily feel like socializing, but I am restless. It's odd and I just feel out of sorts. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning. Other than this strange restlessness, I am feeling pretty good. I think I am finally comfortable being who I am. It's a strange feeling really. Part of me thinks it's wrong to be satisfied to be funny to say that! I mean, I was brought up to think that confidence equated vanity or conceit and loving oneself was the ultimate sin. I am learning that this is not true. I think to love oneself is the first step to happiness and loving others.

That said, there is always room for improvement and let me tell you, I have a large room for it! :)

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