Thursday, July 10, 2008

The good days make it all worth it!!!!

Wow I am so sleepy! I swear, I can't get enough sleep. I awoke early and now I'm dragging.
I got Scott a set of Cuisinart cookware for our anniversary! He LOVES it. Our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, but I couldn't resist. I was too excited to show him.

He is getting me more glass balls for the kitchen window! I'm so totally excited about that. I LOVE THEM. I took down our valance and decided I'd rather have something a little more me and a bit whimsical, so I got a cool hand blown glass ball for Scott and hung it there...well, we decided we needed more, so he's getting more. :) Yay.

I have an old armoir in my sitting room from the 1940s and I want to put a cool little lizard pull on it.....more whimsy. You know, I told myself I was going to work to see my house as a form of self-expression, not a form of first impressions and I think it's coming easily to me! I think having the housekeeping job has helped me a lot. I see a family who value time together more than what their house looks like and that touches me deeply. I want that. I mean, I don't want to die and my kids be like, "well, she certainly kept the house clean, but I'll be damned if we got to live in it!" lol. I'm not that bad, but I have lightened up quite a bit and it feels really good.

Today I started scraping wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom and Scott and I are going to re-do it and paint it some sort of darker/medium blue. I want it to have a beachy feel. We might even find something we can use as a a small chest of drawers and get rid of the outdated pedestal...outdated because it has a shell design...I have nothing against pedestals, but this one is from the 1980s and needs to be put away lovingly until it can be appreciated for a retro look. ;)

So anyway, that's it for the day. It's been a good one even though I've been walking around in a sleepy fog all day. Tomorrow is my second wedding anniversary and it will be great too!!!! :)

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Angel said...

The glass balls sound so pretty. You will have to post pics. Whimsy is great, and your house is so adorable.

Have a great day. We are getting ready to paint here too. I love to paint!

Love you<3

P.S. I love being able to read your blog, and know what is going on in your life. I really have missed you so much!
I just recieved the letter that you sent, and it touched me so much. It deserves a hand written reply, but I wanted you to know right away how much it means to me.