Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am trying to not only enjoy watching my garden grow, but utilize the plants I grow by making all natural body care products. I recently made a lip balm that I really like a bunch. After using it, I can't wear commerical chap stick tastes so gross! I found that my lip balm stopped my lips from peeling (after a week at the beach). I was surprised by that because when I use commerical chap stick, I feel the need to put it on constantly....they almost seem to take away my lips natural moisture. I don't get this feeling with mine. :) Yay.

I need to figure out the exact measurements and get my tins so I can start making them. I'm planning to order the tins this week. I also want to order bottles for my refreshing rosmary mist.

It's all pretty exciting to me.

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Angel said...

That is so cool! Rosemary mist sounds so wonderful:) You are so creative!